RCHS: 37   Woodland: 8

Homecoming week is full of excitement for both RCHS and its community. Student events, parades, and the football game have everyone talking all week. Homecoming is not only for the students, but it is also for the community. Homecoming brings the community together for a little fun. The streets on Thursday evening are lined with people, and on Friday night, the stadium is filled with people cheering on the Tigers. Many people are also filled with anticipation as they await the declaration homecoming king and queen. Homecoming week is not just another event at Randolph County, it is the epitome of school spirit, community, and family.

-Autumn MacNear

Mote, Hester, Jordan, and Kabetzke 

Published in Lake Wedowee Life


Kelly Caldwell of Lake Wedowee Life magazine presented The Meteor staff and Mrs. Amy Richardson's English classes with another opportunity to get published in the latest edition of the magazine. This time, Mrs. Caldwell was looking for students to write articles about what Lake Wedowee means to them.


Timothy Mote was awarded the $50 grand prize for his "Fishing With Dad and Feeling at Home" article, while Kinslee Hester, Lilly Jordan, and Cassidy Kabetzke all had their articles published as well. 


Congratulations to all four of these students; you've made RCHS very proud.​



by Cassidy Kabetzke and Sutton Phillips 

Special Olympics is a time for kids of all ages with special needs to have a fun-filled day and compete against their friends. This year's event took place on Thursday, April 25th. Kids from all over Randolph County came to RCHS and competed in many events.


Each and every competitor was excited to be showcased and to meet up with long-lost friends again. After the Olympics was over, the kids participated in a fun-filled day with games, face and nail painting, picture booths, and even ice cream with cake. The kids also had fun playing volleyball and throwing a football with a few of the volunteers.

Under The Stars

Prom 2019

On Friday, April 5th, juniors and seniors from our beloved RCHS attended the "Under the Stars" prom.

Lead-out began at 6PM and the prom followed.

As usual, attendees came out dressed to the nines, and everyone seemed to have a blast.

Thank you to Mr. Josh Horn, Mrs. Carolyn Monroe, and everyone else that had a hand in making this a memorable evening for our juniors and seniors.


Prom Queen: Nia Green

Prom King: CJ Pinkard

Prom Princess: Ally Sheppard

Prom Prince: Braxton Daniel


Sutton Phillips

Published in Lake Wedowee Life

Kelly Caldwell of Lake Wedowee Life magazine presented The Meteor staff with another opportunity to get published in the latest edition of the magazine. This time, Mrs. Caldwell was looking for a student (or students) to write an article about the RCHS Art Club's trips to Ava Hills Assisted Living Center.


This time, Sutton Phillis took advantage of the opportunity and was awarded a full-color publication of his story and a check for $50.


Congratulations, Sutton; you've made RCHS very proud.​


Teacher of the Month

Coach Brady Phillips

by Malachi Nunn and Hagen Smith


As a Meteor staff, we decided to start selecting "Teachers of the Month."

For our first installment, we selected Coach Brady Phillips.

As a reward, Coach Phillips received some of his favorite candies and this spotlight-article.


Coach Phillips teaches seventh and eighth-grade math.

He also coaches football, baseball, and basketball.

Before coming to RCHS, he attended Auburn University where he attained his bachelor's degree in physical education and math.  He is currently in his third year of teaching, with all three years being spent with us here at RCHS. He applied to teach here because he is an alumnus (class of 2011), and he said he considers this home.


He accredits his eighth-grade math teacher, Coach Murphree, as the one who inspired him to become a teacher. He said Coach Murphree had an amazing desire to instill discipline in the classroom and on the field. Coach Phillips said that it was while he was sitting in that math class all those years ago that the Lord gave him a desire and passion for RCHS. Now, he simply hopes that in some way he can make this a better place.


"RCHS means so much to me," Coach Phillips said. "This place has made me into the man I am today The one thing I love most about this place is the people. Not that long ago I was sitting in the classes of some amazing teachers. Coach Prestridge, Coach Robinson, Mrs. Robertson, Mr. Green, Mrs. Monroe, Mr. Stitcher, and Coach Thompson are still here loving our current students."


When asked why sports are so important to him, Coach Phillips said:

"Sports teach us more about life than most people will ever understand. Sports build character, and they teach us how to work hard for what we want. Life will knock us down harder than any blindside block on the football field, but if we're resilient, we learn to get back up and shake it off."


Coach Phillips has some advice for the student body of RCHS:

Dream BIG! Always remember who you are, where you come from, and who helped you along the way because you never know who will help you find your way back home.

Gaines and Kabetzke

Published in Lake Wedowee Life

A few weeks ago, Kelly Caldwell of Lake Wedowee Life magazine came to RCHS and presented The Meteor staff with an opportunity to get published in the February edition of the magazine. Mrs. Caldwell was looking for a student (or students) to write an article about the RCHS fishing team.


Two students, Jill Gaines and Cassidy Kabetzke, took advantage of the opportunity and were awarded with a full-color publication of their story and $50 (split between them).

Congratulations to both girls; you've made RCHS very proud.


Click HERE to read the full "Making a Splash" article (pg16).

RCHS Art Club Visits Ava Hills

As part of Alabama's Bicentennial Year celebration, the RCHS Art Club was awarded a $500 grant to extend their program within the community. With the money, the art club (sponsored by Mrs. Amy Richardson) purchased supplies that enabled them to visit and paint Alabama-themed pictures with residents of the Ava Hills Assisted Living community in Wedowee. The opportunity presents residents of Ava Hills with a chance to get to know some of our student body at RCHS, a chance to utilize their artistic abilities, and a chance to feel extra special. 


Mrs. Richardson said this project "has opened pathways of communication and healing by keeping residents interested and engaged in their lives."

Thank you for doing this, Art Club.

You're making RCHS very proud.