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by Meagan hume

In the U.S., littering and pollution seem to be a growing concern. As the world becomes more industrialized, more fossil fuels are being burned and more greenhouse gases are being released. Due to this, global warming is a growing problem. The blunt way to put it is we really are destroying our planet. Biodiversity is being lost and ecosystems are being destroyed. Pollutants are filling our oceans and atmosphere all because of us. Because we created this problem, it is our responsibility to fix it. It seems that many people have forgotten that we’re not the only organisms on Earth. Current data shows that we need to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in developed countries by at least 80% by the year 2050 to even have a chance of avoiding an average temperature rise of over 35º Fahrenheit.

Factory farming plays a huge part in these events. In order to have large, clear spaces for factory farms, companies must cut down entire forests. By doing so, many animals are being forced out of their natural habitats, which are being completely destroyed. Trees and other oxygen-producing plants are being cut down and demolished for space for factory farms. Between 1980 and 2000, an area 25 times the size of the UK was created for new farmland-- over 10% of this land was cleared at the expense of valuable tropical forests. As of 2008, 169 marine areas have been identified as “dead zones” (areas where no animals or plants can survive). In 1995, this number was only 45. By putting forth effort to stop factory farming, we can make a final attempt to save our planet and all the inhabitants, as well as ourselves.

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by: Mexgxn


An absence is soaking through

my seemingly nonexistent emotions

Not of who I (myself) would expect


It’s a missing thought

An unspoken word

A shadow that’s lost


They all belong not to a person

But a time

When every second was seemingly priceless

A time when my heart was seemingly iceless


by: Mexgxn

Often times I find myself pondering my existence and loneliness

I spend my time in solitude, as my mind wanders elsewhere

My mind dreams of innocent fantasies

Where I feel safe and protected

My real thoughts and words sit and wait in a vault

Where they’re safe from rejection

Endless unspoken conversations

Millions of memories

Untold and unexpressed fears and twisted feelings

They all wait deep inside the vault

Locked tight like Brinks

Where they will never be felt or told of -

Not even by me


by: Mexgxn


Onions are nasty and bitter and crude

They make everything go from sweet

To looking like you


Now Shrek might disagree

As they are his favorite treat

But I can tell you

That even devouring onions are better

Than having to look like you


Your hairline is sideways

Your teeth are hilariously stained

Your voice gives me nightmares

Of evil, wicked CareBears


Your incest rates are of Chattanooga  

When you sing you sound like a dying beluga

Your IQ is as low as your standards

Of which have hit rock bottom


Now that that’s out the way,

I think that you’re the problem!

Dear You

by: Mexgxn


If you’re reading this, I hope you know who you are

I wish you the best

And I hope you go far

Love reserved for only you

Still lies repressed deep inside my bleak heart

You changed me, you know?

My words no longer fall in a poetic way,

I haven’t much to offer

Therefore I understand why you didn’t stay

I wasn’t surprised,

But it still hurt anyway..

Three Words

by: Mexgxn


I sit and wait

Silently for the day

That we’ll speak again


I sit and ponder

What was the matter

With me to believe those three words


I can’t be sure if you meant them

I would take the risk

To believe the benefit of the doubt

Just to hear you say them


Memories of bright emotions

Flood around three words spoken

For a time my heart was enlightened


Those days are over now

My heart is no longer light

It’s heavy and dark

And with a single spark

It can ignite


by: Mexgxn


Oh the things that pour

from my demented imagination


A small child of five

being rejected from creation


The memories, they scare me

The sound of your loud voice, it haunts me


Screaming and slamming  


Demons - they haunt

A small child of five

Who is now forced into the crossfire


by: Mexgxn


It’s green, I suppose

Or is it blue?


Only one person can see it the way you do

And that person’s you


What if it’s purple or orange or red?


Maybe the real color

Can only be seen by those whose brain cells are dead


Maybe it’s the intellects who overthink the color


Well, I’m not one

So I guess this poem’s over

I Love You

by: Mexgxn


A single word can change a thought

Three of which can hook a heart


Three of which I send to you

In hopes, they’ll lighten up a rainy day blues


I speak to you and my stomach drops

The fluttering of butterflies have at last stopped


I chain my feelings to a sinking rock

So that when I’m hurt it won’t be much of a shock


Three of these words I send to you

With a fear that a distance of three years

Have ended things true


by: Kelpy G


Sky blue eyes and unused fates,

Stuck in closed shipping crates.


Everyone overlooks the beauty of what’s around,

Noses in phones - facing the ground


Where would we be without our concealing screens?

Driving into ponds and bumping into trees.


The clouds in the morning are so wonderfully pretty,

But you wouldn’t know that.


by: Maddog

We are affected by what goes in

Others are affected by what comes out

The words people say can affect all ages

We don't think that what we watch can affect us

We watch and we subtly change the way we are

We don't think about what we play on our Xboxes or PlayStations

The games of war and killing are affecting the way we think

‘’To control what comes out, you must control what goes in’’


by: Maddog

The words that are said are more hurtful

People don't know how to care anymore

Most people are stuck up snobs

That care only for themselves and

Want nothing that isn't handed to them

The World We Live In

by: Maddog

We forget the world we live in.

We are so busy with our phones

That we don't know how to stop for a second.

We’ve forgotten how to talk to people -

To look at what is left of our beautiful world.

Our world was once a magical world

Inspired by both books and nature.


Now we are scared to think about what is out in that world.

We are scared of what is in books.

We are so enchanted by our phones

That our world gets ignored and books don’t get picked up.

Passing Through

by: Mexgxn


Where does a lonesome somebody belong

In a world like such?


A single glance could make everything Become too much


The walls close in and nobody notices

My lungs fill with fire without a single motive


A world where I don’t belong

Is a place that I don’t plan on staying long


by: Kelpy G


Around and around

The world spins in circles

Leaving dark ones under your eyes.


It’s going too fast, some would say -

Fueling continuous, tired sighs.


Where did the time go?

It’s getting dark so early.


Everything you did that day replays,

And the next morning you have a family of four

Play fighting in the middle of the floor.


Where did the time go?

You ask again


Everything was better

Back when you were just ten.

If I Had Never Cared

by: Kelpy G


The stars have been stolen

And placed into boxes

Whose keys will never be


Where did the light go

From the moon and the sun?


When did the light go from me?


Was it already gone, or did you take it away With your harsh words, actions and stares?


Sometimes I wonder what could have been

If I had never cared.


by: Anna Milner

Walking through a field with my little brother,

I pointed out where kids had made angels in the snow.


For some reason,

I told him that a troop of angles had been shot

And dissolved in the ground.


He asked who shot them.

A farmer, I replied.


Then we were on the roof of the lake,

The ice mimicked water.


Why? He asked.

Why did he shoot them?


- I didn't know where I was going with this -


They were on his property, I said.


When it's snowing,

The outdoors seem like a room of cotton and sheep.


Today, I  traded hellos with my neighbor,

Our voices hung close in new acoustics.

A room with the walls blasted to shreds and falling.


We returned to our shoveling

And breaking the hard crystal ice.


Then I turn to my side and my little brother asked,

But why were they on his property?

Through Her Eyes

by: Anonymous (11th grade)


If I met my seven year

Old self today,

What would I tell her,

What would I say?


Would I warn her of the future,

Or the bad things yet to come?

Or would I leave her to be naive,

To keep having fun?


Because my seven year old self,

Thought the world was a perfect place,

Would she recognize herself,

If she looked at my face?


Even though I learned so much more,

And years have passed since then,

I would give up everything I have,

To view life through her eyes again.


by: Anonymous (10th grade)

Nobody the dead

Nobody the alive

Nobody in light

Nobody in darkness


Nobody is the one you love

Nobody is the one you hate

Nobody is Everybody

Nobody is no one...

My Title

by: Caitlin Blackstone (11th grade)


Not long since you’ve been gone,

Barely remember that you were ever here. The war has passed and I have won,

Your demons I shall never fear.


They won’t come for me,

But I know you will find them in you. Hopefully, others will see them,

And I hope it is before they come to.


They may wake up and take over,

But no longer are they my problem. 

As I said, the war is over,

It is your turn to get rid of them.


For me, I found better a spirit,

The new has conquered the old.

He doesn’t allow me to take hits,

He is more passionate and bold.


I found one that cares for and loves me,

He sees my beauty and talent.

We sit and he listens to my story.

He renders me happy and content.

It's Amazing, Isn't It?

By: Cassidy Kabetzke (11th grade)


It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Looking up at the starry sky.

Almost wishing you were a Lost Boy,

So you could be a kid and fly.


Feeling so small in the world around,

I just sit here and listen to all of nature’s sounds.


It’s a gift, isn’t it?

To get a nice dose of fresh air,

Especially after running scared.


I never knew the peace to be sound,

Especially from this gift that goes from sky to



Worry not,

When you’re sitting in peace,

Because everything you is on your team,

Allowing you to forget anything.


Drifting from limb to limb,

I watch the leaves as they fall,

From life to grim.


It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

It makes you really think.

Life can come and go that fast,

Even faster than you can blink…


It’s amazing,  isn’t it?


By: Autumn MacNear (11th grade)


Cold shivers all through my body.

It scares me at times.

I scare myself!

Thoughts, oh, terrible thoughts about places and things.

My mind roams off and my brain’s gears start turning.

Thinking of all the wrong possibilities that could happen.

Always waiting for the worse to happen when I am prepared, Then hitting me blind sided.

But, hey, I am addicted to the pain it causes.

Not knowing what to do when the pain is gone.

Call me crazy, psycho even,

But we all have addictions and thoughts that are uncontrollable.

Our addictions.


By: Anonymous

They say you can’t lose something

That never belonged to you.

Does that mean that you lost me?

Because you had me,

Right in the palm of your hand.

I guess I was too heavy

Because you dropped me,

Even though you knew how small I was; 

How easily I would shatter.

Maybe I was dropped

And you just couldn’t find me.

If that was the case,

You didn’t look hard enough.

You didn’t turn over every stone

And you didn’t ask anybody if they’d seen me.

You didn’t search every crack and every crevice.

No, you gave up and got a newer model.

But hey, I didn’t lose you...

You lost me.

A Pearl

By: Anonymous


I miss the way you loved me.


It’s been a long time -

I miss the way you touched me.

Every inch of you was mine.


Now I see you with her,

You seem so different.


I knew you so well,

After all the time we spent


Together, we always were

After all, we loved each other.

That’s what you told me.

Was I chosen just to please your mother?


I was kind, smart, and true,

The one you showed your family.


The one you held hands with on the beach,

The one who treated you so kindly.


After you, there was the cheat -

I thought he was true.


He seemed to be,

But turns out he was just as fake as you.


Don’t get me wrong,

I miss your sense of humor.

Your kind, big heart.


I wish I would have appreciated you sooner,

I didn’t think it would be so hard.

To find a good guy in today’s world.


Turns out, the ones I find that I think are good

Break my heart,

They don’t care if it’s swirled.


The same way you didn’t -

The same way you shattered me.


I’ve built myself back up

Into the one you call “she.”


Or ... that’s what I like to think.

In reality, all I’ve done is put up a wall.


I can’t let myself love again

Because no guy will catch me when I fall.


That’s why I want to be so far away

Physically and mentally


If I let you back in, I will fall in love

I can’t let myself come back to you

In that pitiful crawl


So, greetings from Texas

Or Florida

Or California

Or where ever I decide to go


God only knows how my life will twist and turn


Maybe one day you’ll watch me on a show

And you’ll think:

"I knew that girl

But I broke her heart

And today...

I found out, she was the best kind of pearl.”

My World

By: Anonymous

I gave you my world

My rivers flowing through

All of my plains carpeted by lawn

The mountains that shadow over the land

Swirling watercolors that paint the sky in vivid color

Even the stars that bursted into supernovas

I created a masterpiece out of nothing

And you treated it as if it were only a pebble.

Other Side

By: Anonymous

My favorite pieces

Are from all the pain

This masterpiece

It is somber

And then it is red

They all say

They don’t know why an artist would continue

To draw gloomy faces

With grey clouds

If they want to see

Clear river banks

And the bluest sky

But you don’t get it?

The best art comes from within

And this, my love, is how

We survive

This is how we reach

The Other Side

My Life Book

by: Caitlin Blackstone (11th grade)


We learn to walk,

But with every other step, we fall.

We learn to talk,

But when we have opinions, we stall.


All because this world has us scared,

All because the world has silenced us,

All because the world has us scarred,

All because this world wants us to adjust.

When you have problems, I beg of you,

Speak up and solve them;

It is the best thing to do.


We grew up in a similar society,

But there is a difference between us.

Still, we both stress over our anxiety,

Now we must see how life is beauteous.


Life is like a river,

It expects us to go with the flow.

Even though it is cold, no time to shiver,

If we stop, we shall sink below.


They want us to swim,

But what if I were a lit match?

My fire starts to dim,

Life is unfair, I want a rematch.


How will I get to the stage,

Unless I take the stairs?


To finish the script, I must turn the page;

But if I make it ... who will really care?


I made this painting in 2017 in memory of a dear classmate, Dalton Burke. Dalton was a very loving and caring person. He had a heart as big as the moon, and he was always happy and cheerful. He had a beautiful smile. Even though I didn't know Dalton very well, I can tell you something I did know, he was a very loyal person to himself and everyone around him. Dalton always made good grades in school; he was a very smart and intelligent person. He was also a very respectful person. He never let silly stuff get to him. The main reason I made this painting is because I want everyone to remember him. Dalton will always be loved and missed.     - Hagen Smith