History of The Meteor

by Haley Dunlap and Jontavion Henderson

April, 2018


     The Meteor was Randolph County High School’s very first newspaper. The earliest known publication dates back to 1911. Editors included George Green, Robert Yarbrough, Gladys Gladney, Mattie Edwards, Marvin Kirby, Frank Landers, Elgar Perry, and Monroe Wright. The publication included a literary page, an athletic department section, a local item page, an exchange page, and an editorial section. The newspaper was written in an older English that many aren’t familiar with. Sadly, we aren’t fully aware of where the paper got its original name. Here is an excerpt from a featured article that appeared in one of the 1911 editions of The Meteor :


“The home of the Randolph County High School is only a small town situated among the hills of Randolph. Possibly to mere passers-by our town would not make a very lasting impression, but to us it is the dearest little town imaginable. We have not the conveniences in the way of railways that many towns have, but we have true hearted boys and girls who are always ready to lend a helping hand to any interest which concerns our school. And this little town, like all others, has as time rolled on made its history… The land on which Wedowee is built was entered by Judge Archibald Sawyer… It was first named McDonough and then changed to Wedowee, which means ‘dear little town.’ … William Hightower was the first sheriff of the county… he had several prisoners to guard, so he made them lie down and he turned a wagon body over them; then to make sure that they would not escape without his knowledge he slept in the wagon body."


     The excerpt featured above, titled "History of Wedowee," was written by Marvin Kirby. It is truly amazing to be able to look back at publications from over 100 years ago and bring to life something that once was. The current staff of The Meteor hopes to not only resurrect the school’s first newspaper, but we hope to do so in a way that makes our school, its students, and its community proud.