Senior Spotlights - 2019

The month of May is practically all about one group of students - the seniors.
To shine some light on a few of ours, members of The Meteor interviewed them and put together these short articles. As a staff, we congratulate each and every senior on a job well done.
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by Lula Kidd

Of all things out of high school, Atario will mostly miss his loving and supportive friends. When he finishes high school, he plans to attend Faulkner University. He hopes his future includes the NFL. 


Atario told me that “RCHS has taught me to be responsible and to always work hard”

“I think about wanting to leave the community and go do something great for our town every time I think of Wedowee”.


If he could share words of wisdom with younger students that look up to him, he would say, “Try to work to do better things than I did, to work to try and beat me out. Always try to awork hard and be respectful to your elders and teachers.”


Atario credits his success on and off the field to God, his family, and his close friends. 


About his time at RCHS, Atario said, “RCHS has taught me a lot of life skills, it has taught me how to become a man, and it has taught me how to take care of my responsibilities.”


by Summer Hill

Sallina will be attending college at Gadsden State.

She is planning to become an X-Ray technician.

Her favorite teacher throughout high school has been Mr. Horn.


She has always dreaded physics, but she has enjoyed playing softball and becoming friends with the whole team. She will miss the jokes and being with everyone throughout the day.


She's looking forward to heading to college to get started on her future career.

Her advice for future seniors is to “Enjoy your senior year, it goes by faster than you think!”

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by Shamiah Patillo

Israel's favorite classes in high school have been math and history.

He loves how history classes cover the way things were in the past, especially when it comes to technology. Seeing how things worked in the 1700s and 1800s compared to now is something he finds fascinating.

He likes math because he enjoys solving problems.

He admits that math can be complicated at times, but he doesn't mind the challenge.

After school, he loves to do one of two things: relax or play soccer.

He likes wearing nice clothes, and he always wants his hair to look good.

After he graduates, he plans to start working. There's also a chance he'll go to college.

Before heading to work or college though, he plans to soak up some sun while playing soccer with his family and closest friends.

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by Shamiah Patillo

Chelsey is an avid reader.

Her favorite book is Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger.

She likes the book because it expresses different teen issues that she feels a lot of teenagers go through in life.


Other than reading, Chelsey likes to spend time with her sisters or just watching TV at home.

Every now and then, she'll play some video games.

Her favorite class is history because she likes learning about what happened in the past.

She says the past is important because we can hopefully learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future. 

What she has cherished the most about high school are the friendships she's made.

She said friends have a way of making someone's day so much better than it could have been.

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by Tiffany Waters

Anthony is a very intelligent young man with a big heart.

He spends his after-school hours working as a plumber, and he plans to keep working until he figures out what's next.

When he thinks about high school, he thinks about the friendships he's made.

If he could change anything about the world we live in, he said he would change how corrupt everything is. People can't trust people anymore, and that's not okay.

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by Aaliyah McKissic

Halie says that the hardest part of high school is keeping her grades up, but the best part is making memories. She wants to go to college to be a cosmetologist, and she hopes to own her own salon one day. 


She likes the time she has spent at RCHS because she has so many good memories.

She said she is glad to be graduating from a great high school.


I asked Halie how she thinks her friends would describe her, and she said, “They would say I’m very supportive in all situations.”

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by Meagan Hume

Dustin's favorite part about being a senior this year is the fact that he's about to graduate and be done with high school. After graduating, he plans to work at KIA and make music.


If he could repeat one thing from his senior year, Dustin said he would play every sport he could. He would especially like to run track and play baseball.

About graduating, Dustin said, "I am very excited. I just can’t wait to leave this school, but then again, it’s kind of sad because I’m going to miss all of my friends and the memories I’ve made here.”

When he's not in school, Dustin likes to watch YouTube, listen to music, and hang out with friends. 

Dustin wants people to know that he has a huge interest in music, that he's a very understanding person, and that he listens to both sides of the story. He tries his best to understand both points of view before "jumping" to a conclusion. 

Dustin's dream job is to be a music artist. He's not just interested in being a rapper; he wants to be a music artist in general. He wants to make unique music that helps him stand apart from the rest of today's artists.


by Miracle McKissic

Q: In your high school career, what teachers have you boded with the most?

Mrs. Arrington and Mr. Horn

How has RCHS helped you become a better student AND a better person?

The last two years have been pretty stressful for me. Every single teacher I've had has made an effort to try and help me make it to graduation. Mr. Millican himself has been trying to make students in his classes better people that are more prepared for the real world. I appreciate that.

(Q) Who have been your best friends through high school?

My friend group has changed dramatically. It went from a very large group to a small group, back to a large group, and now back to about six people. Of these six friends, three of them are very close to me. I am grateful for each of my friends. They've helped me get to where I am today.

(Q) Who or what keeps you motivated to succeed every day?

My daughter. The idea of providing my daughter with all of her needs AND encouragement to succeed keeps me going. I want her to know that no matter what, she can do anything she puts her mind to.

(Q) What do you want your legacy at RCHS to be?

I hope I'm remembered as a kind-hearted person.

(Q) Looking back on your time at RCHS, what is your favorite memory?

I don't particularly have a favorite memory, but if I had to choose one, I'd pick this one:

During my freshman year, Coach Smith took his career-prep classes to the University of Alabama. That was a fun trip.

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